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Supported university projects

At StreamHPC we support the following projects:


Massively Parallel Large-Scale Graph Processing on Modern Architectures.

VENI 12480, 1 by Ana Luca Verbanascu, from Delft university, Netherlands.

Vincent Hindriksen is on the User Committee.

"Programabilidad y Eficiencia Energética de Sistemas Heterogéneos y de Altas Prestaciones"

Programmability and Efficiency of Heterogeneous and High Performance Systems

By Dr. Francisco Almeida Rodríguez and Alejandro Acosta, from University of La Laguna 2, Spain.

Other collaborations

We're open to collaborations, when we see true value of your project. We bring industry experience, help with performance engineering (GPGPU, OpenCL, embedded, FPGA, etc) and exposure to the market after finalisation.


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