Academic hackatons for Nvidia GPUs

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Are you working with Nvidia GPUs in your research and wish Nvidia would support you as they used to 5 years ago? This is now done with hackatons, where you get one full week of support, to get your GPU-code improved and your CPU-code ported. Still you have to do it yourself, so it’s not comparable to services we provide.

To start, get your team on a decision to do this. It takes preparation and a clear formulation of what your goals are.

When and where?

It’s already April, so some hackatons have already taken place. For 2019, these are left where you can work on any language, from OpenMP to OpenCL and from OpenACC to CUDA. Python + CUDA-libraries is also no problem, as long as the focus is Nvidia.

LocationCall for Proposals OpensCall for Proposals ClosesEvent
Princeton – Princeton, NJJanuary 31April 26June 24-28
NERSC – Oakland, CAMarch 25May 15July 15-19
Sheffield – United KingdomApril 1June 16August 19-23
Brookhaven – Upton, NYMarch 4May 31September 23-27
CSCS – Lugano, SwitzerlandMarch 20July 7September 30 – October 4
OLCF – Knoxville, TNFebruary 22August 16October 21-25

For OpenACC only, these are the events in 2019:

LocationApplication DeadlineEvent Date
Universidad de los Andes, ColombiaApril 19, 2019June 17-21, 2019
Laboratório Nacional de Computação Científica, BrazilTBDTBD
CDAC, Pune, IndiaTBDSeptember 16-20, 2019
Shenzhen Supercomputing Center, ChinaTBDAugust 26-30, 2019

Apply soon!

At the two homepages there is all the info to get started and the form to apply. If you need more info, you can also contact us.


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