C/C++ developer with physics background who wants to program GPUs

We’re seeking a great C/C++ developer with a physics background. So if you know the difference between complex and complex, quantum and quantified, and your indices starts at 0 or 1 depending on the problem, then we seek you!

We would like to see this in you:

  • Broad physics know-how.
  • Strong in math.
  • Started programming before university, in C, C++ or Assembly.
  • Like to solve hard problems.
  • Like programming more than scripting.
  • Optionally have experience with GPUs

In return we will invest in you. We will teach you professional performance engineering, OpenCL and CUDA. You’ll be doing projects that come in from all over the world, while you discuss with colleagues in detail how to make the fastest possible implementation. Because many projects concern large simulations, your knowledge on physics can be applied all the time.

In the end it comes to your coding skills, we are very demanding, as performance engineering is not just a trick.

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