Devops Engineer

Stream HPC

As a growing company, we realized our network and sysadmin issues and requirements are piling up faster than we can shovel them away. We are looking for someone who could grab that shovel full time and help us out with tasks like tidying up our network, centrally managing access to the servers, and making a simple piece of software that records benchmark-data. And of course various other challenges that our growth might bring.

Are you the person we are looking for?

Ideally, you have expertise in:

  • Linux distributions and package managers
  • Linux user management
  • Windows administration (user management, network configuration, etc.)
  • VM management
  • Docker (managing services and containers)
  • GitLab administration
  • Network building, configuration and maintenance
  • Monitoring tool setup and maintenance (i.e.:Grafana)
  • Automatic backup setup and maintenance

Having the below skills is a great plus for us:

  • Cloud platform management
  • Shell scripting
  • Scripting language knowledge (Python, Javascript, Node.js, etc)
  • Container orchestration tool familiarity
  • CI/CD familiarity
  • Knowledge of cluster schedulers

To apply for this job email your details to

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