Recruiter / interviewer

  • Management and Support
  • Amsterdam
  • This position has been filled.

We seek help with streamlining our recruitment-process, which is increasingly more time-consuming. We seek a friendly person who has experience with interviewing potential candidates in the technology sector. The job is available as Part-time and Full-time.

Your main tasks will be all around potential candidates and new employees:

  • Introduce the company
  • Interview, with focus on social values
  • Understand and administrate wishes and requirements
  • Support in getting new employees to Amsterdam or another office
  • Seek new potential candidates

We’re a fast-growing organisation, where there is a lot to do. If you like to work in an organisation that tries to continuously improve and listens to everybody for input for that (flat organisation), then seek no further.

Read this to understand how it is to work for us, although that text is focused on software engineers.


  • You speak English well. Huge bonus: multiple languages.
  • You are a serious and friendly person.
  • You have an attention to detail.
  • You like to pick up your own tasks in a flat organisation.
  • Bonus: you don’t end your letters in “I assume I’ve informed you well enough”.

We’re looking forward to hear from you!

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