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In 2015 we acquired the website OpenCL.org with the primary goal to serve the community and share our public knowledge base on OpenCL. Unfortunately we cannot develop the website alone and would like to ask you to help out.

Currently there are the following roles available:

  • University Program Manager. Contact universities worldwide and help them set-up OpenCL in their curriculum. Requirements: teaching-experience on a university.
  • OpenCL Project Head. There are various open source projects to be ported to OpenCL, and you lead one of the initiatives. People who join such initiatives, do that to improve their OpenCL. Requirement: OpenCL knowledge.
  • Website Developer. Add new functionality to the site. Requirement: PHP, WordPress and Github knowledge.
  • Knowledge-Wiki Administrator. Make sure the wiki is up-to-date and the right people get access. Requirement: basic IT management.
  • Community Manager. Make sure the latest news is added weekly. Requirement: blogging skills, English.
  • OpenCL promotor. Make OpenCL known out there. Requirement: social media skills, English.
  • Webshop Manager. Selling OpenCL-libraries and handle donations for OpenCL.org and its open source projects. Requirement: an eye for ballancing commercial and community goals.

Most roles would take a few hours per week. Understand that is is an unpaid volunteer position, as we currently have no sponsors.

We all want OpenCL to be a success, and we can only do that together.

Like you might have learnt OpenCL via our website (StreamComputing.eu or StreamHPC.com), others can learn from OpenCL.org in the future. This is the place to help promote OpenCL and be part of its success.

Hardware-vendors, please contact us directly if you think your company could financially support the initiative.

To apply for this job email your details to jobs@streamhpc.com.

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