StreamHPC  is a software development company in parallel software for many-core processors. We provide professional software development services, training and consulting to help you increase compute performance in software while lowering hardware-costs. Originally the company was named StreamComputing – the name changed to emphasize we’re programming HPC software.

StreamHPC BV
Koningin Wilhelminaplein 1 – 40601
1062 HG Amsterdam
Netherlands, Europe

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phone: +31 854865760 (office) or +31 6 45400456 (cell)

KvK-number (Chambre of Commerce): 61901873
VAT-number: NL854539906B01
IBAN/SEPA: NL89RABO0113885571
Bank name: Rabobank – BIC: RABONL2U

The name of the company before 2017 was Stream Computing = A high-performance computer system that analyzes multiple data streams from many sources live.

Here the word “stream” refers to pulling-in streams of data, processing the data and streaming it back out as a single flow. StreamHPC uses software algorithms that analyze the data in real time as it streams in to increase speed and accuracy when dealing with data handling and analysis.

Why is there so much innovation in the Netherlands, and Amsterdam specifically?

The website describes Amsterdam as “a true port city – international, tolerant and adaptable. These qualities, plus liberal tax laws, make it attractive for foreign companies … The cloud is connecting Amsterdam startups in the way the ocean did in the 15th century.”

If Amsterdam and Utrecht are the creative centers, then Rotterdam, Delft and The Hague are the technology centers with cleantech, aerospace and cybersecurity as the top industries.

Then there’s Eindhoven, which was declared the “world’s smartest region” in 2011 by the Intelligent Community Forum. Eindhoven is home to High Tech Campus, a research and development hot spot for companies like Philips and ASML. The campus hosts a growing number of technology startups and leads the development of Internet-based technologies.

The Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency lists Twente, renowned for medtech, nanotechnology and pharmaceuticals, as the final hot spot for entrepreneurs. Startups take advantage of low rent for clean rooms and an extensive community of researchers. MESA+, one of the largest nano labs in the world, is located at the University of Twente.

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