Stream HPC  is a software development company in parallel software for many-core processors. We provide professional software development services, training and consulting to help you increase compute performance in software while lowering hardware-costs.

We have 3 locations.

Stream HPC B.V. (Amsterdam)

Koningin Wilhelminaplein 1 – 40601
1062 HG Amsterdam
Netherlands, Europe

phone: +31 854865760 (office) or +31 6 45400456 (cell)

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Stream HPC Hungary Kft. (Budapest)

Radnóti Miklós u. 2
Budapest, 1137
Hungary, Europe

Stream HPC Spain S.L. (Barcelona)

Plaza de Catalunya 1, 4th floor
Barcelona 08002
Spain, Europe


2010 – 2013: the freelancing years

The company started as a freelancing business, with one focus: Programming GPUs with OpenCL. It was though, as back then the G in GPU stood for “Graphics only”.

The name was “StreamComputing” = A high-performance computer system that analyzes multiple data streams from many sources live. The main goal was to create software algorithms that analyze the data in real time as it streams in to increase speed and accuracy when dealing with data handling and analysis, which was in line with that.

2014: first hope

Four years later the first employee, Anca, was hired. Later that year the freelancing business was was turned into a limited company. GPUs got more seen as data-processors and trainings were the main income. Projects were still small, GPGPU was a world of early adopters and most time was invested on trainings.

First contact was made with AMD, now one of our biggest clients.

2015-2017: initial growth

Stream grew to a handful of employees, and we did projects for HSA foundation, Stanford, AMD, Zeiss, Nokia, Philips and many lesser known companies.

Trainings were still done, but were by far not the main resource of income anymore. We tried some FPGA-work, but found that most promises were not implemented yet.

2017: a new name

We renamed the company to Stream HPC. There were several reasons. As we focused more on customers from Asia and North America, we needed the .com, which was unavailable. Getting the new name was quite a quest, but we got there: by customers we were often referred to as “Stream”, a business coach assured us that CPU-work would remain important and thus “HPC” was more important that “GPU”, and it was quite difficult to type streamcomputign correctly.

2017-2020: hitting all kinds of ceilings

The goal was to grow further, but this turned out to be more difficult than expected. All kinds of obstacles got in our way, and we even once shrunk in size. With trainings, coaching, reading and persistence, we got to understand the hurdles and finally could implement solutions. Looking back it was easy.

2021: Stream HPC Hungary

Hungary started as a group of freelancers. We were very happy with the quality provided by our Hungarian colleagues, and that was enough reason to invest more. We opened the new office in Q3.

The company now turned into a group of companies, and all was set up to extend the group more easily.

We grew back to 15 people by the end of the year.


At ISC was started. To help our customers do better benchmarks, we put all our knowledge into a separate product. Due to high demand for our consultancy services, it is in private beta only.

2022: Stream HPC Spain

Barcelona was opened in Q3.

The estimation is to grow to 25-35 people by the end of the year.

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