serverWe offer fully supported computer appliances with our high-performance software included, to integrate with your IT workflow. Our solution makes it possible to standardise office PCs and still offer high-performance solutions to both your employees and customers.

Applications are very diverse:

  • Centralised office compute – running heavy simulations on a secure private office-cloud
  • Products with high compute-need – focus on your product, leveraging our expertise
  • Last, but not least: magic black boxes that solve everything.

Our advantages are:

  • Appliances are tailored to your requirements.
  • Units can be shipped from 1 to 10k units.
  • Software is maintained, improved and coupled with a safe update procedure.

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We are the acknowledged experts in OpenCL, CUDA and performance optimization for CPUs and GPUs. We proudly boast a portfolio of satisfied customers worldwide, and can also help you build high performance software. E-mail us today