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The Amsterdam Stream HPC offices are located on the sixth floor of Koningin Wilhelminaplein 1 in Amsterdam, which is at the Amsterdam West Poort business area. Below you’ll find information on how to get there.

The office building

When you arrive, ask at the desk to pick you up. If you want to test out the office security, the unit is 6.01.

Getting to Koningin Wilhelminaplein 1

By Car

The office is located near the ring road A10, which makes the location easily accessible by car, via exit S107.

From the ring road A10 the complete Dutch motorway network is accessible. Taking the A10 to the South often results in a traffic jam though. See for up-to-date traffic info.

Parking in parking garage is only available when you let us know in advance! There is a ParkBee at a 5 minutes walking distance – always more than enough place. Costs max €10 per day when using the Yellowbrick app or reserved via Parkbee, and about €20 per day when paid at location. Please get clarity on who pays this, in advance.

RouteTravel time (outside rush hours)
Office – Schiphol15 minutes
Office – The Hague40 minutes
Office – Utrecht35 minutes
Office – Rotterdam50 minutes
Travel time (outside rush hours)

By Public transport

The office is a 5 minute walk from Amsterdam Lelylaan. See further below for the walking route.

View in the direction of the office from the metro station

In Amsterdam the Lelylaan station is a medium sized public transport hub. It should be easy to get from any big city or any address in Amsterdam to here, as many fast trains also stop here.

  • Trains to the North: Amsterdam Central, Haarlem, North and East of the Netherlands
  • Trains to the South: Schiphol, Amsterdam Zuid, Amsterdam RAI, Utrecht, Eindhoven, Leiden and Rotterdam
  • Bus: Lines 62 (Amstel), 63 (Osdorp), 195 (Schiphol).
  • Metro: Line 50 connecting to Amsterdam train-stations Sloterdijk, Zuid, RAI and Bullewijk. In case there are problems with the train to Lelylaan/Sloterdijk, one option is to go to Amsterdam Zuid and take the metro from there. Line 51 connects to Vrije University in Amsterdam Zuid.
  • Tram: Lines 1 (Osdorp – Muiderpoort) and 17 (Osdorp – Central station).
  • Subway: Line 50, also connecting to Amsterdam train-stations Lelylaan, Zuid, RAI and Bullewijk. In case there are problems with the train to Schiphol, go to Amsterdam Zuid and take the train from there.

See for all time tables and planning trips.

Walking from the train/metro station

Remember that in the Netherlands crossing car lanes is relatively safer than crossing biking lanes, contrary to traffic in other countries. In Dutch cities, cars break when you cross the street, while bikes simply don’t. No joke. So be sure not to walk on the red biking roads unless really necessary.

When leaving the Train station, make sure you get to the Schipluidenlaan-exit towards the South (to the right, when you see the view as on the image). This is where the buses are, not the trams. If you are at the trams area (between two car roads), go back to the station area.

When near the bus-stop, go to the roundabout to the West. Walk the whole street to the next roundabout, where you see the shiny office-building at your right side.

By Taxi

In Amsterdam you can order a taxi via +31-20-6777777 (+31-206, 6 times 7). Expect a minimum charge of €20.

At Schiphol Airport there are official taxi stands – it’ll take 15-25 minutes to get to Lelylaan outside rush hours. Make sure to tell about the roundabout-reconstruction to prevent a 10-minute longer drive.


For biking use and use “Rembrandtpark” as the end-point for the better/nicer/faster routes. From the park it’s very quick to get to the office – use a normal maps app to get to the final destination.

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