math-hardware-codingWe transform your prototype into a performant product

Protoypes are very useful to proof the concepts are working and to test out various variations in a short time. Often Matlab code, Python, Excel or Labview are used, or libraries like OpenCV. The main problems with that code are often performance and portability. We solve that. Our software development projects are exactly very like the software projects you are used to; the main difference is that the code is much faster than if somebody else does it.

An overview of our advantages:

  • As we only have senior programmers, the code quality is higher.
  • We are very much in control and can therefore have more variety:
    • We make our software seamlessly work together with any code that doesn’t need a rewrite.
    • Our code can work on various hardware, like CPU, GPU and FPGA.
    • Our code works on Windows, Linux and OSX.
  • You will get the fastest software on the market. We have often have delivered speed-ups above expectation.


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