In this training you learn how to effectively program FPGAs with OpenCL. The training has been created for software engineers, not for hardware engineers.

Programming FPGAs is totally different from programming GPUs or CPUs. Each three can be programmed with OpenCL, but if you want maximum performance then you need to take care of a few important details.

There is another important issue we tackle. Programming FPGAs is time-consuming, no matter what language you use. and how to use the language to decrease development time. The explained system has saved us lots of time and will be sharing our secrets with you during this training.

  • OpenCL basics.
  • Setting up an OpenCL-on-FPGA environment.
  • Writing FPGA-optimised OpenCL code on a CPU.
  • Learn OpenCL by example using various algorithms.
  • Using the Intel FPGA tool-suite.

The training takes four days and includes the OpenCL foundations on day one. Costs are €3000 per person, €2250 if you have some OpenCL experience and can skip day one.

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