AMD-logoAMD makes various processors:

  • X86 CPUs
  • ARM CPUs
  • APUs (CPUs with integrated GPUs)
  • GPUs (Radeon)
  • Professional GPUs (Firepro W-series)
  • Accelerators (Firepro S-series)

These can be programmed with the following languages:

For high performance, Firepro GPUs and accelerators are most fit. As of Q1 2016 AMD has the highest double precision performance with their S9150, and the largest memory (32GB) on one device with their S9170.

For low-latency CPUs and APUs, when FPGAs are overkill. Aim is under 5ms.

For low-power X86 CPUs, ARM CPUs and APUs. APUs are used in smart cameras upto 30 Watt of total power usage.

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