StreamHPC is one of the best known companies in GPU-computing (OpenCL/CUDA/HIP/SYCL), but we are also very active in embedded development, algorithm-design and technologies like graphics (OpenGL/VULKAN), Machine Learning, and HPC (OpenMP/MPI).

We are distributed between mainly Amsterdam, Budapest and Barcelona.

The developers, the heart of the company

The company consists of highly skilled developers and low-level performance engineers. We mostly manage ourselves, but always with help of the group. This way we have influence by showing ownership.

Each employee regularly shares their experience and checks the work of colleagues, to keep the standards high. This results in faster deliveries with higher quality of code, for which we’ve been complimented often.

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The Leads

The senior team deals with new directions/markets/strategies, training the employees and making sure the project teams get enabled. We use Holacracy and EOS to lead our company.

  • HR: Nerma Bajramovic
  • Consultancy + Projects. Adel Johar
  • Marketing + Sales: Vincent Hindriksen
  • General strategy: Vincent Hindriksen
  • IT: Robin Voetter and Gergely Mészáros
  • Finance: shared
  • Legal: shared
  • Open standards: shared
  • Offices: shared
  • Products: shared
  • Operations: vacant

The shared roles do not need to be filled right now, as they are done together or done outside the company. When these become full-time roles, we will make them vacant and publish them on our jobs-page.

Hire the experts

On average we have our pipeline full for 3-6 months, but always reserve time for shorter projects (maximum a month).

Call +31 854865760 or mail to or fill in the contact form to have a chat on how we can solve your software performance problems or do your software development.

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We are the acknowledged experts in OpenCL, CUDA and performance optimization for CPUs and GPUs. We proudly boast a portfolio of satisfied customers worldwide, and can also help you build high performance software. E-mail us today