StreamHPC is one of the best known companies in GPU-computing (OpenCL/CUDA), but we are also very active in embedded development, algorithm-design and technologies like graphics (OpenGL/VULKAN), Machine Learning, and HPC (OpenMP/MPI).

Core group

The full team is 20+ people of highly skilled and thoroughly tested performance engineers, which work on short-term and long-term software development projects. The core group deals with new directions/markets, consultancy projects and architecture-designs.

Each member regularly shares their experience within the group and checks the work of colleagues, to keep the standards high. This results in faster deliveries with higher quality of code, for which we’ve been complimented often.

Vincent Hindriksen

Founder, customer relations and sales.

Adel Johar

OpenCL-on-FPGAs and Machine Learning.

Anton Gorenko

HPC on CPU, HPC on GPU, Code-quality and Low-level optimizations.

Jakub Szuppe

HPC on CPU, HPC on GPU, and Code-maintainability.

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