We have jobs for people who get bored easily.

We kept space for you

In return, we offer a solution to boredom, since performance engineering is hard.

As the market demand for affordable high performance software grows, StreamHPC continuously looks for great and humble people to join our team(s). With upcoming products, new markets like OpenCL on low-power ARM processors and compute-intensive applications like AI and VR, we expect continuous growth.

We currently have two types of jobs:

  • Software Performance Engineers. The heroes who make software go vroom vroom
  • Growth and Support. The heroes who make the people and the company go vroom vroom

For the second group, you will find the most changes in the job-ads, as we seek people who want to join us for the years to come.

Find our jobs and Apply

To apply, go to our recruitment website.

The hiring process

The procedure for the technical roles is as follows:

  • You send your CV, some public code (preferably C/C++/CUDA/HIP/OpenCL) and your motivational letter/email.
  • We do a quick scan of your CV and letter. (In most cases you’ll get feedback within 2 to 5 days)
  • For those who are left, you do a simple online test. This is to get a grasp of your way of working and thinking, and to prepare you for the longer test. (25 minutes max)
  • You will have a (video) talk with HR (30-45 minutes)
  • After that, you are invited for a longer online test. You show your skills on C/C++ and algorithms. Be warned this includes the ridiculous puzzles, simply because we actually use those ridiculous things (takes 2 – 3 hours)
  • You’ll get a technical interview on C++ and GPGPU (2 hours)
  • We’ll send you a conditional job-offer, assuming that the rest will be ok.
  • We now go into the long interview to be absolutely sure we are a fit, and to introduce each other in more detail (takes 3 hours)
  • We check your references. If these check out, you’re hired.

We try to minimize the time it takes you, while also giving you enough chances to proof yourself. As we are sometimes flooded with applications, we filter out on simple things like “Did not mention CUDA, OpenCL, SYCL, GLSL, HLSL, etc” – be sure you add such experience to your CV or cover letter, also when at university or a personal Github project.

Want to know more about the process, how to prepare, etc? Read “our job-application process“.

For growth&support-roles, it is close to the above but without the coding test.

For management-roles, we do test for technical expertise, as we cannot permit loosening this know-how when project-related.

So where are you waiting for? Apply for a job!

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