Intel Core i7 2600K CPU top view

Parallel programming is a subject we have avoided for too long. But this is just one of the few optimisations that seem not to be in every programmer’s toolbox. During this one-day training you learn how to write software that makes full use of a modern X86-processor, PCI-bus and network. Together with several other performance programming techniques you will be able to make software fly.

After the introduction, where you are given a theoretical base in hardware and software concepts, we go through the following subjects:

  • Cache-usage improvement.
  • Memory-usage decrease.
  • Scalability improvement.
  • Programming language specific performance tuning.
  • Auto-tuning.
  • Function costs awareness.
  • Picking better algorithms.

During the lab-sessions you will get hands-on with typical performance-problems.

The training is available for Java, .NET, C and C++.

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