You’re designing rockets to get to Mars? Or medical devices? Or self-driving cars? Then you need to know how to port specific algorithms, not what most others find interesting.

After the basic training we offer modules of 4 hours, discussing advanced subjects. Each subject can be focused on GPU, FPGA, DSP or CPU and using OpenCL, CUDA, OpenMP or OpenCL. Can be combined with a beginner training.


  • From CUDA to OpenCL – the tricks, tools and optimisation techniques.
  • Architecture specific detailed optimizations (or differences across different OpenCL devices)
  • Optimizations for host – device interactions (this should include topics such as overlapping data transfers and kernel execution, having multiple command queues or how to work with multiGPU)

Image Processing

  • Image Histogram
  • Convolutions
  • Geometric Scaling
  • Point Operations
  • Image Segmentation
  • Morphological Image Processing

Advanced Data Structures and Parallel Algorithms

  • Designing Efficient Data Structures for Parallel Programming
  • Parallel Optimization Patterns
  • Scan
  • Reduce
  • Sort
  • Graph Traversal Algorithms
  • BLAS algorithms

Practical info

These 4-hour blocks build up our inhouse trainings. Costs are €4000 per half day (one subject). A full training with basics and various advanced subjects costs between €15,000 and €30,000.

Trainings are given world-wide.

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