energy-efficientSpeed matters.

We develop software that has outstanding performance. Whether you need to accelerate high-content screening of your medical data, require your video to be processed in real-time, run complex simulations with unprecedented detail, or need to quickly find relevant information in your big data, we can help you. Our software can cut down your costs by running on off-the-shelf hardware rather than expensive computer clusters, we can improve efficiency of your personnel by cutting down waiting times, or open business opportunities by meeting your hard technical requirements.

All of our software is accompanied with detailed documentation on the development process, in-code documentation, a report and/or user manual and a user-friendly interface or installation guide. We can provide continuous maintenance of the final software product beyond the delivery, and we can offer a friendly and quick customer support.

We write in C, C++, .NET, Java and Python. For programming GPUs and multicores we use OpenCL, CUDA, OpenACC and OpenMP.

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We are the acknowledged experts in OpenCL, CUDA and performance optimization for CPUs and GPUs. We proudly boast a portfolio of satisfied customers worldwide, and can also help you build high performance software. E-mail us today