We’re expanding to more cities, to be closer to talent and our customers. The idea is to have multiple smaller offices instead of a few big ones. The idea for this was a simple set of questions on how work would be in 2030. The lines between offices would be shifting – not all is to be defined by walls. So smaller offices nearby, with the flexibility to temporarily move to another city, would be much more suited for what is expected in 2030.

Each city has one or two senior developer+manager person, who takes lead when the project-complexity demands it.

In HQ the main structure is provided for onboarding, administration, sales and such. All to make sure the different cities only have a few local things to take care off, so the focus can be on building great software and efficiently handling the projects.

EU – NL – Amsterdam

Koningin Wilhelminaplein 1 – 40601, 1062HG, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam is the economic center of the Netherlands, a small country with 17 million inhabitants. It’s the home of HPC-companies like Bright Computing and ClusterVision, and has a large IT workforce that also feed the R&D demand of large international companies. As the number of companies settling here is still growing, Amsterdam is even planning to build a complete new city for 40 to 70 thousand people in the harbour area.

There are different sides of the city. When you think of Amsterdam as a tourist, you might think of the Anne Frank House, Gay Parade, Van Gogh Museum, the Red Light District, the canals, windmills and Tulips. If you would consider living here there are about the 180 different nationalities that live in the city, the 22 international schools and two universities, the vibrant night life and the many-villages-make-the-city atmosphere. Locals of all professions are fluent in English and there is a lively expat community.

You don’t need to live in Amsterdam, as there are several cities and villages nearby with all unique identities. As the Dutch infrastructure is of high standard, Amsterdam is easy to reach via train (and car) from several nearby cities and villages. For instance taking the train from Haarlem to the office takes 9 to 13 minutes, Leiden or Utrecht half an hour. Want to live at the sea? Zandvoort to the office is 25 minutes.

Expats (both single and with family) say they found it easy to build up a social life. For Europeans it’s very easy to move to Amsterdam, as there are no real borders in the EU.

EU – HU – Budapest

Radnóti Miklós u. 2, Budapest, 1137, Hungary

Two cities, Buda and Pest with both their own characteristics form the 1,75 million large capital of Hungary and the ninth-largest city in the EU. The country (est. in 895) has almost 10 million inhabitants.

There is more high-tech industry than you might think. Hungary has one of the highest rates of filed patents, the 6th highest ratio of high-tech and medium high-tech output in the total industrial output, the 12th-highest research Foreign Direct Investment inflow, placed 14th in research talent in business enterprise and has the 17th-best overall innovation efficiency ratio in the world.

If you walk in the city, you’ll find no average Hungarian. There is much creativity hidden and there’s a rich beer-culture. There is this unique quiet vibrant atmosphere that makes you immediately feel at home.

EU – ES – Barcelona

Better weather during winter than in Amsterdam and Budapest and a vibrant tech-city. It hosts the famous Barcelona Supercomputing Center, and is strong tech-hub.


We’re researching multiple cities for starting a new office. Due to Covid these researches have been delayed a lot.

  • EU – NL – Utrecht
  • EU – NL – Eindhoven
  • EU – PL – Warsaw
  • EU – FR – Paris
  • EU – FR – Grenoble
  • EU – DE – Heidelberg
  • UK – Bristol

If you live in one of these cities and are good with GPUs, do get in contact. We start with these people:

  • An experienced developer who can manage projects
  • Three to four medior/senior developers
  • A temporary “location starter”
  • Optionally a sales-person

Want to know more? Get in contact!

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