StreamHPC stands for faster software. We do this by designing and building parallel software, and by training.

Building your performing and extremely fast software

We are all about accelerating (existing) software. The main focus is on:

  • Extending functional requirements to cover implementations of parallel software
  • Doing code-reviews
  • Implementing algorithms in a parallel form,
  • Porting software, and
  • Reverse engineering and documenting existing software.
Implementing software in parallel makes your product more scalable.

Whenever there is a software performance problem, you can call us.

Training you in performance programming

Parallel software is quite different from serial software, but we can teach you all about it.

Basically, there are three levels:

  • Parallel programming in languages like C, C++, Java and .NET,
  • Cache and memory optimisation, and
  • GPU-programming.

Our trainings have a balance between theoretical background, practical use-cases and lab-sessions.

Performance programming is all about caches, memory-buses and parallelism.
Subjects hardly mentioned in most programming books.

Want to know more? Get in contact!

We are the acknowledged experts in OpenCL, CUDA and performance optimization for CPUs and GPUs. We proudly boast a portfolio of satisfied customers worldwide, and can also help you build high performance software. E-mail us today