Aparapi is an open source framework used to write OpenCL-code in Java. It translates Java byte-code into OpenCL for AMD GPUs and all CPUs to get much faster performing code. Furthermore, Aparapi is also quite a fit for existing code (*). And there’s more: Since late 2011, a stable version is being released and new features have been introduced.

(*) You can read more about the alpha-version of Aparapi in this blog post

AMD and Oracle have agreed to collaborate on implementing support for GPU-programming in Java. This means that it’s very likely that this upcoming implementation by Oracle will resemble Aparapi, which in turn also means that it would be safe to invest in this technology.

Below is an example of a simple vector-addition. As you see, the code is very clean.

StreamHPC helps you to find bottlenecks in your Java-code and increase performance by using several types code optimisations and implementing heavy computations in Aparapi. We have a track-record of bringing down running time of batch-processes 2 to even 300 times. In case more performance is needed, Aprapi-code can be converted to pure OpenCL. We use libraries JOCL and JavaCL for this purpose.

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