4 day OpenCL training in Amsterdam (math + media)

, 22 Apr 2014

Every month StreamHPC offers an OpenCL training in Mathematics and/or Media-operations. Target is OpenCL 1.2 (or 1.1 when NVIDIA is discussed). OpenCL 2.0 trainings will start in Q2/Q3, or when on request. All trainings will be given by an experienced OpenCL developer/trainer.


Training session lasts 4 days, from basics on the first morning to the special subjects on the 4th day. You’ll bring your own laptop, or you can login to a compute-server.

The first three days will be around learning to design and programming OpenCL software, using various examples. The fourth day will be split into math and media (before it was only math) and therefore each gets two books.

The Mathematics module is based on “OpenCL in Action” by Matthew Scarpino.

It covers reduction, sorting, matrix-operations and signal processing. If you work on graphs, matrices and data-manipulation, this is for you.

The Media-operations module is based on “Heterogeneous Computing with OpenCL, second edition” by Benedict Gaster, Lee Howes, David R. Kaeli, Perhaad Mistry & Dana Schaa.

It covers convolution, video-processing, histogram and mixed particle simulation. Extra subjects are OpenCL-OpenGL interop and code-optimisation. It is fit if you work with images, sound and video.


Both training-modules are based on a book, and enriched with nowhere-to-be-found information, explanations about parallel algorithm design and the examples+experience of the instructor, Vincent Hindriksen. About 50% of the training is lectures and 50% practicals. The training materials get improved every time

Hardware Architectures

General optimisations will be discussed, focusing on NVIDIA (limited to OpenCL 1.1), AMD, Intel, ARM MALI, Imagination PowerVR, Qualcomm Adreno, Freescale/Vivante. Specific hardware-targets are by request.


The location is Science Park 107, Amsterdam (see map). It has a regular and cheap flight-connection to all mayor cities in Europe, good public transport and relatively good hostels.

There is a direct train between station Science Park and Schiphol (€4,10). In the Netherlands we use a special transportcard, the OV-chipkaart, to check in and out (!) of public transport (train, metro and bus). You need to buy one for €7,50 at Schiphol plus enough credit for a week of transport (see 9292 for exact costs between Science Park and your hotel).


The costs are €1850,- per person (including a copy of the books), when at least 5 people have subscribed to the course. Academic discounts available.

If you want a private, in-house trainings, please contact us for more information. Trainings outside Europe (Russia, Asia, Americas) are possible, but travel-costs will be added when the group is under 6 people.

Schedule your training

Apply by using the contact form and by filling in the pre-training questionnaire.

We try to get groups together which have common interests. To give you a better experience, you can yourself be rescheduled to another group that is more fit.

If you have any question, just ask. Call +31854865760 (office) or +31645400456 (cell), or use the above contact-form.

See you in class! You will soon be making faster software.

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