A Paralllella board that has been delivered.
The 16-core Parallella board

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Adapteva is the creator of Parallella developer-boards – a board with an OpenCL-programmable grid-processor with FPGA. The $99 board consists out of:


  • A board with a 16-core Epiphany-III
  • Full Epiphany SDK
  • OpenCL compiler based on libcoprthr.
  • A few code-samples (total number unknown).


A few of the features:


  • 32 GFLOPS peak performance
  • 2 Watt TDP (chip only, whole board unkown)
  • USB plug-and-play ready
  • Remote access support


Information on their OpenCL compiler stack can be found here. Latest news can be received via Twitter/ParallellaBoard, or via their community forums.

The 64-core Epiphany-IV chip is also available since Q3 2014. More info later.

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