kalrayKalray has one recent processor, which is the MPPA 256. The design is somewhat comparable to the Parallella processor, but instead of 16 or 64 cores, it has a staggering 256 while operating under a few Watts. The architecture is not completely comparable, but the two share important characteristics. The MPPA-256 has its strongest positioning in task-parallel programming, which makes it capable to do more complex algorithms like video-encoding.

During HiPEAC’14 they announced they were developing an OpenCL compiler, which was targeted for end 2014. Meanwhile more information reached us, and the project seems to be in very active development. Due to MPPA’s characteristics, the focus is on the task-parallel programming model of OpenCL – we did not give this programming model much attention on the blog, but now we certainly will.

Until Q1 2015 the SDK is available via a closed beta program. Please contact Kalray for more information on the MPPA processor and the OpenCL compiler.

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