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Beginner CUDA and OpenCL

In this training you learn to program GPUs, and how to select the algorithms that can best be tackled by a GPU.

Programming GPUs and vector-processors is difficult since it is different from normal ways of programming. It cannot be put simpler than this:

CPU-programming ≠ GPU-programming

But what is it exactly? It is thinking in a special way while programming, which you will learn during our trainings:

  • get lectures about the basics of GPU computing,

  • recognise which code can best be ported to the GPU,

  • learn how to design simple OpenCL or CUDA programs,

  • create your first GPU programs, and

  • integrate your GPU-program in C, C++, Java or Python.

The training is available as a 1-day or 2-day training, in OpenCL, CUDA or mixed flavour. The 1-day training is a crash-course, which gets you up-and-running with GPU-computing. For who like to take new material more relaxed, we also have a 2-day version of the training, with:

  • more time for discussions,

  • extra lab-sessions,

  • extra hardware discussions, and

  • extra slides with more in-dept material.

Costs are €500 per person per day. You get €100 discount per day, if you come by plane. Ask for our special prices for inhouse trainings.
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