You have developed software that gives the answers you need but takes too long? Or maybe you need to calculate large data-sets on an hourly base, while the batch takes 2 hours?

What do you do when faster hardware starts to get too costly in terms of maintenance costs? You can buy specialized hardware, but that increases costs and dependence on external knowledge. Or, you can choose to just wait for the results to come in, but you can only do this when the computation is not a core process.

What if you could use off-the-shelf hardware to decrease waiting-time? By using OpenCL-devices, which can be high-end graphics cards or other modern processors, software can be sped up by a factor 2 to 20. Why? Because these devices can do much more in parallel and OpenCL makes it possible to make use of that (unused) potential. A few years ago this was not possible to do in the same way it is done now; that’s probably the main reason you haven’t heard of it.


All we offer comes into three solutions: find what is available, make a parallel version of the code, and hand-tune the code for maximum performance.

[pricing_table column=”one_third” title=”Specialised Libraries” buttontext=”Request a quote »” buttonurl=”” buttoncolor=””]

  • For many “good enough”
  • Faster code, the easy way.
  • Gives high performance for generic problems.

[pricing_table column=”one_third” title=”Parallel Coding” buttontext=”Request a quote »” buttonurl=”” buttoncolor=””]

  • Better caching can give more boost than using faster hardware
  • Software running in parallel is a first step to GPU-computing
  • Making the software modular when possible

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  • The highest performance is guaranteed
  • Optimized for the targeted hardware



There are so many possibilities to speed up code, but one is the best. To help you find the right path, we offer various services.

[pricing_table column=”one_third” title=”Code Review” buttontext=”More info »” buttonurl=”” buttoncolor=””]

  • Code-review of GPU-code (OpenCL, CUDA, Aparapi, and more).
  • Code-review of CPU-code (Java, C, C++ and more).
  • Report within 1 week if necessary.

[pricing_table column=”one_third” title=”GPU Assessment” buttontext=”More info »” buttonurl=”” buttoncolor=””]

  • Find parallellizable computations
  • Give the fitness to run on GPUs
  • Report within 2 weeks

[pricing_table column=”one_third” title=”Architecture Assessment” buttontext=”Request more info »” buttonurl=”” buttoncolor=””]

  • Architecture check-up
  • Data-transport measurements
  • Report within 2 weeks


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