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We can keep everything for ourselves, but we like to share resources. It will take some time to learn it all, but you can always take our course for more experienced programmers.



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OpenCL feedback and bugs

Certainly the developers who started in 2009/2010 know how buggy the first drivers were. As OpenCL is a large project and is not in hands of one hardware-manufacturer, it might be difficult to get driver-errors over. But luckily Khronos provides two ways to give feedback via them: the OpenCL forums and the “Khronos Public Bugzilla”.

I have a request for the next version

The OpenCL forums are the right place for you. You can also discuss possible bugs here, if you are not sure and want others to test your code.

I found a bug!

Got to the Khronos Public Bugzilla, log in (using the email from your Khronos account, or make a new account). If you found a bug in a driver, fill it in like below under “conformance tests”.


Best is to mention your bug-report on the forums and on twitter, so others can take a look at it. If nobody seems to react to it, send us a message and we’ll put some pressure where needed.

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