Mostly providing simplified kernel-code with more convenient error-checking, but sometimes with quite advanced additions: the wrappers for OpenCL 1.x. As OpenCL is an open standard, these projects are an important part of the evolution of OpenCL.

You won’t find solutions that provide a new programming paradigm or work with pragmas, generating optimised OpenCL. This list is in the making.


Goopax: Goopax is an object-oriented GPGPU programming environment, allowing high performance GPGPU applications to be written directly in C++ in a way that is easy, reliable, and safe.

OCL-Library: Simplified OpenCL in C++. Documentation. By Prof. Tim Warburton and David Medina.

Openclam: possibility to write kernels inside C++ code. Project is not active.

EPGPU: provides expressions in C++. Paper. By Dr. Lawlor.

VexCL: a vector expression template library. Documentation.

Qt-C++. The advantages of Qt in the OpenCL programmer’s hands.

Boost.Compute. An extensive C++ library using Boost. Documentation.

ArrayFire. A wrapper and a library in one.

OpenCLHelper. Easy to run kernels using OpenCL.

SkelCL. A more advanced C++ wrapper, providing various skeleton functions.

HPL, or the Heterogeneous Programming Library, where special Arrays are used to easily communicate between CPU and GPU.

ViennaCL, a wrapper around an OpenCL-library focused on linear algebra.

C, Objective C

C Framework for OpenCL. Rapid development of OpenCL programs in C/C++.

Simple OpenCL. Much simpler host-code.

COPRTHR: STDCL: Simplified programming interface for OpenCL designed to support the most typical use-cases in a style inspired by familiar and traditional UNIX APIs for C programming.

Grand Central Dispatch: integration into Apple’s environment. Documentation [PDF].

GoCL: For combination with Gnome GLib/GObject.

Computing-Language-Utility: C/C++ wrapper by Intel. Documentation included, slides of presentation here.


Delphi-OpenCL: Delphi/Pascal-bindings for OpenCL. Seems not active.

OpenCLforDelphi: OpenCL 1.2 for Delphi.


Howto-article: It describes how to link with c-files. A must-read for Fortran-devs who want to integrate OpenCL-kernels.

FortranCL: OpenCL interface for Fortran 90. Seems to be the only matured wrapper around. FAQ.

Wim’s OpenCL Integration: contains a very simple f95 file ‘oclWrapper.f95’.


GOCL: Go OpenCL bindings

Go-OpenCL: Go OpenCL bindings


HopenCL: Haskell-bindings for OpenCL. Paper.


JavaCL: Java bindings for OpenCL.

ClojureCL: OpenCL 2.0 wrapper for Clojure.

ScalaCL: Much more advanced integration as could be done with JavaCL.

JoCL by JogAmp: Java bindings for OpenCL. Good integration with siter-projects JoGL and JoAL. Java bindings for OpenCL.

The Lightweight Java Game Library (LWJGL): Support for OpenCL 1.0-1.2 plus extensions and OpenGL interop.

Aparapi, a very high level language for enabling OpenCL in Java.


Standardised WebCL-support is coming via the Khronos WebCL project.

Nokia WebCL. Javascript bindings for OpenCL, which works in Firefox.

Samsung WebCL. Javascript bindings for OpenCL, which works in Safari and Chromium on OSX.

Intel Rivertrail. built on top of WebCL.


JuliaGPU. OpenCL 1.2 bindings for Julia.


cl-opencl-3b: Lisp-bindings for OpenCL. not active.

.NET: C#, F#, Visual Basic

OpenCL.NET: .NET bindings for OpenCL 1.1.

Cloo: .NET bindings for OpenCL 1.1. Used in OpenTK, which has good integration with OpenGL, OpenGL|ES and OpenAL.

ManoCL: Not active project for .NET bindings.

FSCL.Compiler: FSharp OpenCL Compiler


Perl-OpenCL: Perl bindings for OpenCL.


General article

PyOpenCL: Python bindings for OpenCL with convenience wrappers. Documentation.

Cython: C-extension for Python. More info on the extension.

PyCL: not active.

PythonCL: not active.

Clyther: Python bindings for OpenCL. No code yet, but check out the predecessor.


Ruby-OpenCL: Ruby bindings for OpenCL. Not active.

Barracuda: seems to be not active.


Rust-OpenCL: Rust-bindings for OpenCL. Blog-article by author



OpenCLLink. OpenCL-bindings in Mathematica 9.


There is native support in Matlab.

OpenCL-toolbox. Alternative bindings. Not active. Works with Octave.


R-OpenCL. Interface allowing R to use OpenCL.



If you know not mentioned alike projects, let us know! Even when not active, as that is important information too.

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