Using unused processing power

The computer as we know it has changed a lot since the past years. For instance, we now can use the graphics card for non-graphic purposes. This has resulted in a computer with a much higher potential. Doubling of processing-speed or more is more rule than exception. Using this unused extra speed gives a huge advantage to software which makes use of it – and that explains the growing popularity.

The acceleration-technique is called OpenCL and not only works on graphics cards of AMD and NVidia, but also on the latest processors of Intel and AMD, and even processors in smartphones and tablets. Special processors such as DSPs and FPGAs will get support too. As it is an open standard the support will only grow.

Offered services

StreamHPC has been active since June 2010 as acceleration-specialist and offers the following services:


  • development of extreme fast software,
  • design of (faster) algorithms,
  • accelerating existing software, and
  • provide training in OpenCL and acceleration-tecniques.


Not many companies master this specialisms and StreamHPC enjoys worldwide awareness on top of that. To provide support for large projects, collaborations with other companies have been established.

The preferred way of working is is a low hourly rate and agreed bonuses for speed-ups.

Target markets

The markets we operate in are bio-informatics, financial, audio and video, hightech R&D, energy, mobile apps and other industries who target more performance per Watt or more performance per second.


What we offer suits WBSO-projects well (in Netherlands only). This means that a large part of the costs can be subsidised. Together we can promote new technologies in the Netherlands, as is the goals of this subsidy.


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