Benchmarks Q1 2011

February Benchmark Month. The idea is that you do at least one of the following benchmarks and put the results on the Khronos Forum. If you encounter any technical problems or you think the benchmark favours a certain brand, discuss it below this post. If I missed a benchmark, please put a comment under this post.

Since OpenCL works on all kinds of hardware, we can find out which is the fastest: Intel, AMD or NVIDIA.I don’t think all benchmarks are fit for IBM’s hardware, but I hope to see results of some IBM Cells too. If all goes well, I’ll show the first results of the fastest cards posted in April . Know that if the numbers are off too much, I might want to see further proof.

Happy benchmarking!


More information here. For me the page has an unclear navigation, so I could not really find out

It is Windows-only and lite-version can be downloaded here.


AVAILABLE Q1 2011! There is a beta available I’ve written about before.

You can read about it here.


The test contains also CUDA-optimisations, but still is the most grown-up benchmark around.

Get it here.


Number-crunching benchmark. They already tested a lot, but the list can be more complete.

Get it here.


This Italian expert in GPGPU has made his own GPU-Benchmark. Get it at the bottom of this page. The page explains what is tested.

Please share your binaries at the forum.

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