28 June: OpenCL course in Utrecht, NL

At 28 June 2011 StreamCompting will give a 1-day course on OpenCL in Utrecht. As it is quite new, the priced is reduced. Also if you want to learn CUDA or any other GPGPU-language, this course is also a good option for you. The most important thing about GPGPU are the concepts. In other words the “why” they chose to make GPGPU-languages ike this. In my course you will get it after a one-day training. Most of the day consists of lectures with a short lab-sessions. The training makes use of a unique block-method, so you learn the technique top-down and almost can fill in the spaces yourself. At least 2 years of thorough programming-experience in Java, C++ or Objective C is preferred, because of the level of the subjects. The following is discussed with the big why-question as leading:

  • OpenCL debunked: getting to understand how OpenCL is engineered.
  • Algoritms: which can be sped-up with GPGPU/OpenCL and which not.
  • Architectures & Optimalisations: why does one OpenCL-program work better on one architecture and not on another.
  • Software-engineering: wrapper-languages, code re-use and integration in existing software.
  • Debugging: not the screenshots, but giving you insight in how the memory-models work.

The lab-sessions are very minimal; you get (fully documented) homework which you can do the subsequent week (with assistance via mail). If you prefer to have extensive lab-sessions, please inform to the possibilities. After the session and the homework you’ll be able to decide on your own what kind of software can be sped up by using OpenCL and which not. Als you will be able to integrate OpenCL into your own software and engineer OpenCL-kernels. Note that the advances you make depend heavily on your seniority in programming. If all attendees are Dutch, it is given in Dutch. Future sessions will be in other cities, so if you prefer to receive training more local or at your company, please ask for the possibilities.

If you want more information, contact us.

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