Interest in OpenCL

Since more than a year I have this blog and I want to show the visitors around the world. Why? Then you know where OpenCL is popular and where not. I chose an unknown period, so you cannot really reverse engineer how many visitors I have – but the nice thing is that not much changes between a few days and a month. Unluckily Google Analytics is not really great for maps (Greenland as big as Africa, hard to compare US states to EU countries, cities disappear at world-views, etc), so I needed to do some quick image-editing to make it somewhat clearer.

At the world-view you see that the most interest comes from 3 sub-continents: Europe, North America and South-East Asia. Africa is the real absent continent here, except some Arab countries and South-Africa only some sporadic visits from the other countries. What surprises me is that the Arab countries are among my frequent visitors – this could be a language-issue, but I expected about the same number of visitors as from i.e. China. Latin America has mostly only interest from Brazil.

USA plus Canada (2 images merged – circles are little oversized in Canada, but Toronto actually is the city I have the most visitors from at this continent). As could be expected: it overlays with the big cities. As the biggest OpenCL hardware corporations are from the USA, the many visitors is no surprise – I don’t really understand why there are “empty states” for the same reason.

Japan is clearly totally interested – India, China, Australia and Singapore following. Compared to half a year ago, Japan has enormously climbed up on the interest-scale. As stated before, Western Asia is late.

Where the most readers are from: Europe. Germany is a real knowledge-economy and Germans absorbs my page daily. London is always a big circle on the map (not clearly visible here). The Netherlands, home of StreamHPC, now is 2.5% of the visitors which is an enormous increase compared to half a year ago. Russia has appearing and disappearing cities over time, but there is much interest in that country.

I hope you like to see there is much interest by many companies to invest in OpenCL to gain a competitive advantage.

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