LEAP-conference call for papers

Building bridges in a new industry

Embedded processors always have had the focus on low-energy. Now a combination of Moore’s law, the frequency-wall and multi-processor developments have made it possible for these processors to compete in completely new market segments. Most notable due to impressive advancements in graphics IP.
We are now looking at four groups who are interested in learning from each other:

  • The embedded processor market
  • The FPGA market
  • The HPC and server market
  • The GPGPU market

And answer the question: how can we get more out of low-energy processors by looking at other industries?

The goal of the LEAP conference is to bring these three groups together. Creating the windows to each other and paving roads over the newly constructed bridges. This makes it one of its kind. Half of the conference is focused on quality information sharing and the other half on networking. For more information, check the website of the LEAP-conference. StreamHPC is a co-organiser.

Call for papers is now open! Programme is filled!

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We’d like to focus on this new space, as there is so much to learn from each other. A few examples:

  • You are in the group of HPC and have looked into low-energy computing.
  • You are into GPGPU and have tried GPU-computing on ARM.
  • You have new insights on FPGA vs GPU, or combined it in reconfigurable GPUs.
  • You see your paper fit in the below Venn-diagram, Mobile GPUs and ARM64 just being two examples.

Examples of submission topics:

  • Applications: Computer Vision, Image & Video Processing, Crytography, and more…
  • Hardware: The lastest ARM, Mobile GPU, Low-power x86 and FPGA
  • Software development: OpenCL, C++ AMP, OpenMP, RenderScript, etc.
  • Devices: Mobile phones, tablets, low-power embedded, HPC and server environments
  • Tips and Techniques for writing portable applications

For information can be found on the call-for-papers page on the webpage of the LEAP-conference.

If you think your work is of interest for the conference, we’d kindly ask you to send an abstract. If you have any question, just ask.

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