Applied GPGPU-days Amsterdam 2013

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6754632287-2December 2013: Videos are not ready yet, but link will be put here.

Amsterdam, 20 June – Applied GPGPU-days in Amsterdam. Keep your agenda free for this event.

What can you do with GPUs to speed up computations? This year we can see various examples where OpenCL and CUDA have been used. We hope to give you an answer if you can use GPUs for your software, research or algorithm.

After the success of last year (fully booked with 66 attendees), we now have reserved a larger location with place for 100 people. Difference with last year is that we focus more on applications, less on technical aspects.

The program has been made public recently:

Title of talkCompany/InstitutePresenter
Introduction to GPGPU and GPU-architecturesStreamHPCVincent Hindriksen
Blender Cycles & Tiles: Enhancing user experienceAtMind bvMonique Dewanchand & Jeroen Bakker
XeonPhi vs K20: The fight of the titansSURFsaraEvghenii Gaburov
A real-time simulation technique for ship-ship and ship-port interactionPMH bvJo Pinkster
CUDA Accelerated Neural NetworksLIACSAna Balevic
Efficient Reconstruction of Biological Networks via Transitive Reduction on GPUsTU EindhovenAnton Wijs
Running Petsc on GPUs with an example from fluid dynamicsSURFsaraThomas Geenen
Connected Component Labelling, an embarrassingly sequential algorithmLeeuwarden UniversityJaap van de Loosdrecht
Visualizing sound and vibrations using a GPU and a 1024-channel microphone arrayTU EindhovenWouter Ouwens
Gravitational N-body simulations on 1 to many GPUsLeiden observatoryJeroen Bédorf

A few demos will be shown.

For more information, see the Platform Parallel webpage. Also to find other events by the platform.

Tickets are €75,-. If you are from a Dutch university or research institute affiliated with SURF, your ticket has been fully sponsored by SURFsara.

Associated events in the Netherlands

For the technical aspects (GPU-programming techniques, optimisation, etc) we have a special day: the GPU Dev Day 2013. More information on the Platform Parallel webpage. Date and place will be made public in June.

The first Khronos Meetup Benelux will take place just before the Applied GPGPU day, on 19 June in Amsterdam. More information on the meetup-page.


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