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indiegogo-opencl20Edit: the project unfortunately did not get enough funding on Indiegogo

Launching a book takes a lot of effort. By using crowd funding, we hope to get the book be published much earlier and for a lower price.

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What you’ll get

You will get the first OpenCL 2.0 book on market. Fully updated with the latest function-references and power-tips. Also usable for OpenCL 1.1/1.2, to help you write backward-compatible software.

Reference pages for quick access of all OpenCL function – available online and offline. This has nothing to do with Khronos reference pages of OpenCL 2.0, as this is a complete rewrite and redesign of the description of each function-definition.

Reference pages of functions

A lot of energy goes into completely revising the original OpenCL reference pages, to create real value for you. This is not just a small upgrade, but an alternative (and more complete) explanation of all the functions. Expect it to contain twice as much information.

Each function will be explained in a clear language with full explanation of background-knowledge and an example. If the function can be used in more contexts, more examples are given.

At one glance you can see what is new per OpenCL version. Also all functions are extensively tagged and grouped, so you can easily find similar functions.

Basic concepts and programming theories

Various new additions to the series of basic concepts and the series on programming theories will only be available in the book, not on the blog. These chapters will help you connect the dots and get a better overview of how OpenCL works.

This content is unique and not found anywhere else. It has its foundation in hundreds of articles and research papers, combined with the years of experience in the field as a developer and a trainer.

Hardware and Optimisation guide

An explanation of all OpenCL optimisation techniques. Including a guide how to use auto-tuning to find the best configurations for each optimisation.

How well does each optimisation work on the various architectures? The results of mini-benchmarks will give you a complete overview what helps and what not.

Tools & software

There are various tools out there – both open source and commercial. These tools make it easier to program more efficiently and faster. The top 10 of best OpenCL tools are described, even software not discussed before online.

For all contributors

Reference pages

You get access to the reference pages while I work on it. When finished, you also get a zip-file with html-files in times you don’t have access to internet. You will get updates for all 2.0 updates. You can give feedback at any time and with this you have influence on the direction the manual is going.


At all times you get a progress report with a TOC. When finished you’ll get the book sent as PDF. After some time of feedback, you’ll receive a new version. People who bought the print, will receive it with the second version.

All prices are including Dutch VAT.

Ways You Can Help

Have you supported this project? Thank you very much for your support!

Please also tell your friends and colleagues, and on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn!



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