ARM forums to find useful information for OpenCL development

OpenCL on ARM is hot, but it just is getting started. Currently it takes some time to find needed information about the processors concerning

For OpenCL-discussions the best place is the Khronos OpenCL board. So where can you go when you want to ask questions specifically on ARM-based GPUS like MALI, PowerVR, Adreno and Vivante?

ARM’s new community site for all

ARM just launched the Connected Community (ARM CC). It is the place to connect to, when you have general information-needs of ARM-IP, such as ARM MALI, Cortex A9 and Cortex A15.


And here is how ARM themselves explains this initiative on one slide:


Be sure to connect to StreamHPC. We hope this will indeed be the central place for the whole ecosystem, including Imagination, Qualcomm and Vivante.



The MALI Developer Center has its forums on ARM Connected Community.

Imagination PowerVR

The graphics-section of their developer forums seems to be the best place.

imgtec dev forums

(Not @ ARM CC)

Qualcomm Adreno

Qualcomm has dev-forums too and has a section called Mobile Gaming & Graphics Optimization (Adreno™).


(Not @ ARM CC)


Vivante does not have a forum, but Freescale does. The i.MX forums seem to be the best place to ask your questions.




Where do find a good source to find and share interesting information on mobile GPUs? Share it with the others via the comments – chances increase your questions gets answered when more people visit the forums.