The OpenCL event of the year: IWOCL 2014 – Bristol, UK, 12 & 13 May

iwoclKhronos has supported and organised for the second time the International Workgroup on OpenCL (IWOCL, pronounced as “eye-wok-ul”). Last year the event took place at Georgia Tech, Atlanta, Georgia, in the United States. This year the event will be held in Europe: Bristol University, Bristol, England, UK.

IWOCL 2013 Presentations

Last year there was a varying programme:

  • Porting a Commercial Application to OpenCL: A Case Study
  • Demonstrating Performance Portability of a Custom OpenCL Data Mining Application to the Intel Xeon Phi Coprocessor
  • Parallelization of the Shortest Path Graph Kernel on the GPU
  • OpenCL-based Approach to Heterogeneous Parallel TSP Optimization
  • clMAGMA: High Performance Dense Linear Algebra with OpenCL
  • Multi-Architecture ISA-Level Simulation of OpenCL
  • Optimizing OpenCL Applications on the Intel Xeon Phi

You can see and download these presentations here. This year the organisation tries to offer a equally exciting programme.

Workshop means it’s an active event

It’s all about sharing, but not just by letting you sit and listen. Below you’ll find some of the options.

Present your work

Did you use OpenCL in your software or research? You are very welcome to present your experience and results. IWOCL is the premier forum for the presentation and discussion of new designs, trends, algorithms, programming models, software, tools and ideas for OpenCL.

Abstract Submission Deadline: Friday 31 January, 2014

It can be in the form of:

  • Research paper
  • Technical presentation
  • Workshops and Tutorial
  • Poster

(StreamHPC’s Vincent Hindriksen is on the Conference Sessions Committee)

Communicate with the workgroup

Khronos booth at SC13 – some you will see again at IWOCL

The OpenCL workgroup likes to communicate with OpenCL’s users. IWOCL provides a formal channel for community feedback to the Khronos Group’s OpenCL workgroup. This is one of the best moments to be heard, discuss a hack/bug or share a great idea that should be in the next version of OpenCL.

Meet OpenCL developers and enthusiasts

During the breaks, social events and during presentations, you can discuss all your ideas and thoughts on on-topic and off-topic subjects, or you can also join existing talks.

If you are new into compute acceleration, you’ll find many people who are willing to explain what it does and add their personal view.

Test-drive software

We will bring some hardware, on which you can test your kernels. (We’ll put more info about this later!)

Sponsor and present your product

There will be booths available for the sponsors, where you can show your product to the public.

Stay up to date on the event

We will try keep you up-to-date as much as possible, but IWOCL has some channels to keep you informed:

We’ll put on a link when tickets are ready to be sold.

Let others know you plan to be on the event by saying hi in the comments.

Hope to see you there!

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