First Khronos Chapter meeting in Amsterdam: WebGL/OpenGL


Thursday 13 February 2014 the first Khronos meetup in will take place. We expect a small group, so the location will be cozy and there will be enough time to talk with a beer. First round is on me, admission is free.

Goal is to learn about open media-standards from Khronos and others. So when OpenCV is discussed, we’ll also talk OpenVX. The target group is programmers and Indy developers who are interested in creating multi-OS and multi-device software.


I am very thrilled to tell that Ton Roosendaal of the Blender Foundation will talk about the releationship between his Blender and Khronos OpenGL.

Second Maarten and Jurjen of ThreeDee Media will talk about WebGL, from a technical and a market view. Is WebGL ready for prime-time?

Then you can show your stuff. For that I’ll bring a good laptop with Windows 8.1 and Ubuntu 13.10 64.

Prepare for Meetup today!

See the Meetup-page for more information. See you there!




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