OpenCL hardware test centre @ StreamHPC

AMD FirePro S10000

Wanting to test your OpenCL-software on specific hardware? From now on, that is possible by logging in on StreamHPCs test-servers.

Update: new prices. Got feedback it should compete with Amazon EC2.

During the beta-period (February to April) we have available:


  • Dual FirePro S10000 (total ~11.8 TFLOPS single precision, ~2.9 TFLOPS double precision).
  • Several embedded GPU-boards attached.


By request more servers will be added, but for now we start lean.

You’ll get:


  • 64 bit Linux server.
  • A secure SSH access with chrooted harddisk space.
  • Full NDA in case StreamHPC staff needs to assist.
  • Both shared and dedicated usage possible.
  • Assistance via mail and skype.


The costs for shared hours are €1,- per hour, for private hours €10,- €5,- per hour. Discounts are available for academics and existing customers (also from past trainings) – just contact us. Goal of the shared hours is to setup the software, do basic tests, but not to do intensive benchmarks.

We hope you can now make a better decision what hardware to choose, or to have your paper’s conclusions based on more recent hardware.

Want more info or have special requests? Call +31854865760 (office) or +31645400456 (cell), or use the contact form.

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