OpenCL support levels

The below table shows the current state of OpenCL, SPIR and HSA for each vendor.

VendorOpenCLSPIRUnified memory architecture
2.0 in beta
2.0 in betaHSA 1.0 in beta
AMD - discrete GPU1.2 FP?N/A
NVIDIA - CPU + GPU (Tegra)N/AUnavailableCUDA 6 Unified Memory on latest Tegra
NVIDIA - GPU1.1 FPUnavailableN/A
Intel - CPU1.2 FP1.2-
Intel - integrated GPU1.2 (?)?unknown
Intel - Accelerator (XeonPhi)1.2 FP?N/A
Altera1.0 FP?N/A
ARM - CPU1.1 FP?-
ARM - integrated GPU1.1 FP?HSA member
Qualcomm - GPU1.1 EP
1.2 in beta
?HSA member
Imagination - GPU1.1 EP?HSA member
Vivante/FreeScale - GPU1.1 FP?HSA member

EP = Embedded Profile, FP = Full Profile.

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