OpenCL tutorial videos from Mac Research

macresearchA while ago stopped from existing, as David Gohara pulled the plug. Luckily the sources of a very nice tutorial were not lost, and David gave us permission to share his material.

Even if you don’t have a MAC, then these almost 5 year old materials are very helpful to understand the basics (and more) of OpenCL.

We also have the sources (chapter 4, chapter 6) and the collection of corresponding PDFs for you. All material is copyright David Gahora. If you like his style, also check out his podcasts.

Introduction to OpenCL

OpenCL fundamentals

Building an OpenCL Project

Memory layout and Access

Questions and Answers

Shared Memory Kernel Optimisation

Did you like it? Do you have improvements on the code? Want us to share more material? Let us know in the comments, or contact us directly.

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