What does Khronos has more to offer than OpenCL and OpenGL?

opencl_from_accelerate_your_worldThe OpenCL standard is from the not-for-profit industry consortium Khronos Group. But they do a lot more, like the famous standard OpenGL for graphics. Focus of the group has always been on multimedia and getting the fastest results out of the hardware.

Now open source and open standards are getting more important, collabroations like the Khronos Group, get more attention. At StreamHPC we are very happy with this trend, as the business models are more focused on collaborations and getting things done than on making sure the customer cannot ever leave.

Below is an overview of the most important APIs that Khronos has to offer.

OpenCL related

  • OpenCL: compute
  • WebCL: web compute
  • SPIR/SPIR-V: intermedia language for compute-kernels, like those of OpenCL and OpenGL’s GSLS
  • SYCL: high-level language for OpenCL

OpenGL related

  • Vulkan: state-less graphics
  • OpenGL: graphics
  • OpenGL ES: embedded graphics
  • WebGL: web graphics
  • glTF: runtime asset format for WebGL, OpenGL ES, and OpenGL
  • OpenGL SC: Graphics for Safety Critical operations
  • EGL: interface between rendering APIs such as OpenGL ES and the underlying native platform window system, such as X.

Streaming input and output

  • OpenMAX: interface for multimedia codecs, platforms and hardware
  • StreamInput: interface for sensors
  • OpenVX: OpenCV-alternative, built for performance.
  • OpenKCam: interface for cameras and sensors


One video called “OpenRoad” to show them all:

Want to learn more? Feel free to ask in the comments, or check out https://www.khronos.org/

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