Four conferences that will interest you

OpenCL Events
OpenCL Events

(if you get to Palo Alto, Manchester, Karlsruhe and Copenhagen)

We’re supporters of open standards and open discussions. When those thow come together, we melt. Therefore I’d like to share four hot conferences with you: IWOCL (Palo Alto, SF, USA), EMiT (Manchester, UK), ParallelCon (Karlsruhe, Germany), GPGPU-day 2015 (Copenhagen, Denmark).

On all these conferences I’ll be there too and are happy to meet you.

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This two-day HPC conference has 5 main themes:

  • Device-independent Compilers and High Level Languages
  • Low Power and Energy Efficient Computing
  • Advances in Novel Hardware
  • Numerical Algorithms
  • Applications

OpenCL is discussed in a few talks, and many talks discuss hardware and software that will interest any OpenCL enthusiast: Human Brain Project, FPGAs, numerical precision, flow simulations, CFDs, Monte Carlo, compilers, XeonPhi, to name some.

Date: 30 June –  1 July 2015
Location: U. of Manchester, UK
Price, early bird: £150 (till 10 May)
Price, normal: £300 (till 16 June)


This is the place to get up-to-date on the current state of OpenCL, talk to the key figures in the industry and meet interesting OpenCL-oriented businesses and developers. It has this nice balance between research and industry.

The programme is not online yet, but will soon be. Once there, you’ll get a message from me with the programme and some background info.

Date: 12 – 13 May 2015
Location: U. of Stanford, SF, USA
Price, early bird: $295 – $569 (till 20 April)
Price, normal: TBA


This three-day conference fully focused on parallel programming. You need to understand both English and German as those are its official languages.
I’ll be presenting “Learning OpenCL in One Hour” on the second day. I find the programme very interesting, so I’m staying there the full conference and practise my rusty German.

Date: 22 – 24 April 2015
Location: Karlsruhe, DE
Price: €390 to €1200

Scandinavian-GPGPUday-logoNordic/Scandinavian GPGPU-day

Finally another event organised by us. After two events in the Netherlands, now an event to be held in another city.

As it was very busy at HQ for over a year, this event got delayed and delayed. But this year it’s going to happen. Finally!

Speakers are researchers and companies from the Nordic and Scandinavian countries. If you’re interested in speaking, get in touch.

Date: 29 September 2015
Location: Copenhagen, DK (alternatively Malmö, SE)
Price, early bird: TBA
Price, normal: TBA