We’re a member of Khronos now!

Khronos_500px_Dec14For years we have had a good collaboration with the Khronos group, mainly due our community presence. Now it was time to get into a closer collaboration and become an official Contributor Member (logo not there yet). This effectively means two things:

  • Instead of complaining on the blog and on twitter, we can now discuss it within the working group. 🙂
  • If we accidentally find interesting info we now know is under NDA, we won’t share with you anymore. 🙁

Our goal for collaborating with Khronos remains the same: help OpenCL and its community advance. We therefore keep building OpenCL.org, writing articles on OpenCL and organising events in the years to come.

One of our goals of the coming year is to get more vendors on OpenCL 2.0. If you think we should have more goals on our agenda, write them in the comments.

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