OpenCL in the cloud – API beta launching in a month

No_coulds_atmWe’re starting the beta phase of our AMD FirePro based OpenCL cloud services in about a month, to test our API. If you need to have your OpenCL based service online and don’t want to pay hundreds to thousands of euros for GPU-hosting, then this is what you need. We have place for a few others.

The instances are chrooted, not virtualised. The API-calls are protected and potentially some extra calls have to be made to fully lock the GPU to your service. The connection is 100MBit duplex.

Payment is per usage, per second, per GPU and per MB of data – we will be fine-tuning the weights together with our first customers. The costs are capped, to make sure our service will remain cheaper than comparable EC2 instances.

Get in contact today, if you are interested.

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