Our “new” Bug Hunting & Removal Service

bugWe recently started a new service, which we were actually doing for years already. You can also learn from this: one can become very experienced in a task and then noticing years later that it can be a service on itself. So starting years agotoday, you can hire us to find all types of bugs – we accept bets.

Hidden bugs

There are many types of bugs that need attention before performance-concerns can even be tackled. Software that works well with a few threads and on small data-sets, can completely burn the computer when scaled up. During our existence we got very experienced as bug-hunters, as each project needed to have this phase. We now have an environment, fully tailored to support bug hunting. We now want to offer this as a separate service.

A selection of common errors we encounter:

  • Reading/writing outside array boundaries.
  • Race conditions.
  • Arithmetic overflow or underflow.
  • Arithmetic precision.
  • Null pointer dereference.
  • Using an uninitialized variable.
  • Resource leaks.
  • etc…

Often related is testability, for which we also have effective solutions for:

  • Randomness in software.
  • Undefined results, which are labelled as “don’t care”.
  • Unknown required precision.

We have the experience and the tools to get many of those error problems tackled and solved. Ask us for more information today to get cleaner and more robust software.