OpenCL at SC15 – the booths to go to

SC15This year we’re unfortunately not at SuperComputing 2015 for reasons you will hear later. But we haven’t forgotten about the people going and trying to find a share of OpenCL. Below is a list of companies having a booth at SC15, which was assembled by the guys of IWOCL and we completed with some more background information.


The first place to go to is booth #285 and meet Khronos to hear where to go at SC15 to see how OpenCL has risen over the years. More info here. Say hi from the StreamHPC team!

OpenCL on FPGAs

Altera | Booth: #462. Expected to have many demos on OpenCL. See their program here. They have brought several partners around the floor, all expecting to have OpenCL demos:

  • Reflex | Booth: #3115.
  • BittWare | Booth #3010.
  • Nallatech | Booth #1639.
  • Gidel | Booth #1937.

Xilinx | Booth: #381. Expected to show their latest advancements on OpenCL. See their program here.

Microsoft | Booth: #1319. Microsoft Bing is accelerated using Altera and OpenCL. Ask them for some great technical details.

ICHEC | Booth #2822. The Irish HPC centre works together with Xilinx using OpenCL.

Embedded OpenCL

ARM | Booth: #2015. Big on 64 bit processors with several partners on the floor. Interesting to ask them about the OpenCL-driver for the CPU and their latest MALI performance.

Huawei Enterprise | #173. Recently proudly showed the world their OpenCL capable camera-phones, using ARM MALI.


Below are the three companies that promise at least 1 TFLOPS DP per co-processor.

Intel | Booth: #1333/1533. Where they spoke about OpenMP and forgot about OpenCL, Altera has brought them back. Maybe they share some plans about Xeon+FPGA, or OpenCL support for the new XeonPhi.

AMD | Booth: #727. HBM, HSA, Green500, HPC APU, 32GB GPUs and 2.2 TFLOPS performance – enough to talk about with them. Also lots of OpenCL love.

NVidia | Booth: #1021. Every year they have been quite funny when asked about why OpenCL is badly supported. Please do ask them this question again! Funniest answer wins something from us – to be decided.


You’ll find OpenCL in many other places.

ArrayFire | Booth #2229. Their library has an OpenCL backend.

IBM | Booth: #522. Now Altera joined Intel, IBM’s OpenPower has been left with NVidia for accelerators. OpenCL could revive the initiative.

NEC | Booth: #313. The NEC group has accelerated PostgreSQL with OpenCL.

Send your photos and news!

Help us complete this post with news and photos, to complete this post. We’re sorry not to be there this year, so we need your help to make the OpenCL party complete. You can send via email, twitter and in the comments below. Thanks in advance!

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