Download all OpenCL header files and build your own OpenCL library

opencl-logoOpenCL header files

When you develop professional software, it is a best practise to have external header files fixed, to have versioning under full control. This way you don’t get the surprises when your colleague has another OpenCL SDK installed. Luckily the Khronos Group has put all version of the OpenCL header files on Github, so you can easily download the targeted OpenCL version.

Download a zip of the header files here:

If you found problems in one of these, you can directly communicate with the working group by submitting an issue on Github.

OpenCL.lib /

But wait, there is more!

You can build your own ICD, as the sources are open (licence). OpenCL version 2.1 is implemented, but it is fully backwards compatible to OpenCL 1.0. You can assume that the vendors use this code for their own, so you can safely use this code in your project.

Get the project from Github.