Funded PhD internships at StreamHPC

We have several wishes for 2017 and two of them are to make code for the open source community. Luckily HiPEAC is interested in more collaboration between academia and industry and therefore funds PhD internships. There are 81 industrial PhD internships available and two are at StreamHPC.

What is this industrial PhD internship, you may ask? From the HiPEAC homepage:

The HiPEAC Industrial PhD Internship Programme offers PhD students a unique opportunity to experience the industrial research environment and to work on R&D projects solving real problems. To date the internship programme has resulted in several joint paper publications, patent applications and many students have been hired by the companies after completion of their PhDs.


The internships cover a 3-month period. Students should indicate when they will be available for an internship during 2016. When you apply for one of the internships, you must update your profile page including a link to your CV (preferably in PDF format).

Every intern receives €55 per day (€5000 for 3 months) + travel expenses (maximum €500). The main goal is to gain experience. Even if you don’t get a job after the internship, you tap into our network.

Our industrial internships

The first is creating a Python-frontend for SPIRV, so kernels and host-code can be written in the same language. We think that after C++ (where we’re writing tests for at the moment), there should be made more frontends next to wrappers. This will help adoptation of the OpenCL-model without anybody having to use OpenCL C. More information here:

The second is to develop new OpenCL tools. We have ideas and therefore are somewhat cryptic in the description, but we’re also very open to support you in continue developing the tool you developed at your PhD. More information here:

If you have questions, just send an email to our general email or put a comment below.


To be eligible to apply for the HiPEAC Industrial PhD Internship Programme you must be currently studying for a PhD at a European HiPEAC institution. Please note that you can only apply to a maximum of two companies and that you cannot apply for more than two internships within the same company.

We’re hope to seeing your application! Be sure to also check out the other applications from other companies.