Rebranding the company name from StreamComputing to StreamHPC

Since 2010 the name StreamComputing has been used and is widely known now in the GPU-computing industry. But the name has three problems: we don’t have the .com domain, it does not directly show what we do, and the name is quite long.

Some background on the old domain name

While the initial focus was Europe, for years our projects are done for 95% for customers outside the Netherlands and over 50% outside Europe – with the .eu domain we don’t show our current international focus.

But that’s not all. The name sticks well in academics, as they’re more used to have longer names – just try to read a book on chemistry. Names I tested as alternatives were not well-received for various reasons. Just like “fast” is associated with fast food, computing is not directly associated with HPC. So fast computing gets simply weird. Since several customers referred to us as Stream, it made much sense to keep that part of the name.

Not a new begin, but a more focused continuation

Stream HPC defines more what we are: we build HPC software. Stream HPC combines the well-known name combined with our diverse specialization.

  • Programming GPUs with CUDA or OpenCL.
  • Scaling code to multiple CPU and GPUs
  • Creating AI-based software
  • Speeding up code and optimizing for given architectures
  • Code improvement
  • Compiler tests and compiler building (LLVM)

With the HPC-focus we were more able to improve ourselves. We have put a lot of time in professionalizing our development-environment and project-management by implementing suggestions from current customers and our friends. We were already used to work fully independent and be self-managed, but now we were able to standardize more of it.

The rebranding process

Rebranding will take some time, as our logo and name is in many places. For the legal part we will take some more time, as we don’t want to get into problems with i.e. all the NDAs. Email will keep working on both domains.

We will contact all organizations we’re a member of over the coming weeks. You can also contact us, if you read this.

StreamComputing will never really go away. The name was with us for 7 years and stands for growing with the upcoming of GPU-computing.