Do you have our GPU DNA?

This is the first question to warm up. Python-programmers are often users of GPU-libraries, not the builders of those libraries.

In January 2019 I gave a talk about culture in the company, which I wanted to share with you. It was intended to trigger discussions on what environment fits somebody, and examples were given on other companies. The nice part was that it became more clear that the culture of a company like CodePlay was very alike, except they are working on different things (compilers). Same for departments of larger companies we work with or know well.

Important: all answered are based on what my colleagues answered. So most of us are cat-people, but I wouldn’t say that defines a GPU-developer. I hope it still gives you an understanding of our perspective on what defines a GPU-dev in just a few minutes, while it also gives you more than enough matter to think about.

Let’s start. Just go through the slides and you’ll quickly see you love or hate our culture. It starts at page 3 with “Is Python a programming language”.

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Also if you are interested in anything culture in your company, just email to schedule a call and I’ll get some coffee to sit for it.